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Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance in the UK

There are many insurance providers in the UK that offer travel insurance policies for every possible holiday travel need. You can find multi-trip insurance policies for those who travel on a regular basis or policies for big annual family vacations. Many companies allow you to hand pick the coverage options that you want included with your travel insurance policy, rather than buying a “ready-made” policy that contains every option under the sun, including coverage you don’t want. Emergencies such as lost baggage, theft, flight cancellations, and illness can all be covered with your policy and taken care of with one call to a UK-based hotline.

Here are some of the many types of holiday insurance you can find in the UK:

1. Single Trip Insurance can cover up to three children under 18 years old per adult for a single holiday. The coverage includes payment for medical emergencies, missing or damaged to personal items like cameras, compensation for travel delays, and personal liability coverage.

2. Multi-trip travel insurance can save you money if you are planning several trips in the same year. It allows you to travel as often as you want without declaring how many trips will be taken when you purchase the insurance. They also include coverage of three children for each adult on the policy. There are five different levels of coverage from which to choose that offer coverage for anything from lost luggage to legal costs.

3. If you are an avid backpacker, there is insurance for your outdoor adventures with coverage available from a month to 18 months. These policies can also cover many other adventure sports you take part in on your backpacking treks like bungee jumping, rafting, and scuba diving.

4. Insurance for skiing or snowboarding trips can give you peace-of-mind knowing that medical expenses and costly equipment are covered by your policy. The policy covers any costs incurred if you have to be rescued from the slopes for any reason. Ski travel insurance also covers sledding, cross country skiing, and ice-skating incidents.

5. There are also special single-trip and multi-trip insurance packages for those over 65 that even include winter sports coverage.

Many of the travel insurance providers offer the convenience of booking your insurance and downloading your documentation online. The 24-hour help lines make it easy for you to talk to someone and receive the help you need quickly and efficiently.

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