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 In these days of the Internet when it is so easy to buy home insurance online there are many people who have speculated that the days of the insurance broker are over. Nothing could be further from the truth. For a start off, many of the companies that are considered to be insurers in their own right are in fact brokers only; the AA, RAC, Kwik-Fit are all brokers not insurance companies, to name but a few. These companies invariably have a panel of insurance companies that they can call on for quotations and they are in fact legally obliged to find the best deal they can for their clients, and many brokers deal with smaller insurers that do not have their own marketing facilities (which can prove very expensive, TV advertising for instance is not cheap and guess who pays the bill in the long run) so instead of going to a single insurance company and asking for a price you can instead ask a broker to do this for you, and he or she can give you a choice of policies, specifying, if you wish, one recommended one. To be able to do this a broker is legally obliged to be regulated by the Financial Services Authority, who will want to be satisfied that the company is sufficiently qualified to be able to offer good impartial advice and that it is run in an ethical manner.

Many people confuse brokers with their modern day equivalent, the price comparison website. Comparison sites however do not have to be regulated by the FSA at present although this situation may well change because of considerable disquiet about the independence and competence of the companies that run these sites. It is possible to go to six different insurance comparison websites, and get six different quotations despite entering exactly the same details! In addition, several comparison sites are actually owned by insurance companies whose products are featured amongst those of other companies; naturally we would expect that there would be no favouritism shown but it could be argued that they are not giving exactly independent advice, which is what a qualified insurance broker is not only capable of doing, but is also legally obliged to do.

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