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 Choosing your holiday hotel is half the fun of the trip, so you want to be sure to start the search early to ensure all your travel needs are met. Last minute bookings can be cheap, but that savings can quickly disappear with sudden surprises such as no public transport, poor dining options and a remote location that the local taxis cannot find.

To keep yourself in the driver's seat and in control over your every move, try an online search for hotels and resorts starting from the international airport to your most distant daily excursion. And if you do your homework with city destinations, you may be able to situate yourself in the heart of the action of your desired itinerary.

The type of hotel you choose will depend on your activities planned, choosing one with enough on-site amenities and recreation to keep you busy for a few hours. Although hotels that offer few attractions may be cheaper up- front, you may find yourself saddled with round trip taxi fares looking for something to do. A daily travel budget will save you time and money if you evaluate how many hours a day you wish to be entertained and an approximate daily allowance to do it.

Resort style accommodation is a great way to save on the daily expenses. Water sports, billiards and tennis courts abound at little to no additional costs above the room. Although the resort may be a little more expensive, the reward and return can save you in the long run. To cut down of the resort holiday splurge, ask for a city view room rather than sea view. The savings can be half the rate if you book the resort in the right season. Another way to save is to buy a resort package from a travel agent that will give an average of three to five nights with complimentary breakfast for one low inclusive price. The tour companies buy blocks of guest rooms and are eager to sell them even at bargain prices. Take your time and shop for the deals, as there are plenty of them year round.

For the traveler who has booked a package tour, you still have a choice with your hotel. The categories are divided by price and amenity level, but if you are certain to be taken out and about with the tour guide, the hotel should be of little concern. Any three, four or five star accommodation will do as you are not likely to be there most of the day. A scenic view is inconsequential if you are gone from breakfast to supper, and there's no sense in paying for it.

Budget hotels are risky when traveling abroad, so be sure to check them out thoroughly before you go. In Africa and other developing regions of the world, a three star rating is not the same as it is in the UK. In addition to guest room concerns, there is the issue of cleanliness in the dining rooms that can make you ill. And most importantly, the budget hotel does not enforce security measures giving place to personal property theft or worse.

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