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Human Resources

Outsourcing Human Resources Functions

There are several advantages to utilizing one of the many HR outsourcing agencies established in the UK, including cost containment and efficient data management. Outsourcing companies can manage several aspects of the HR process and can be used for HR functions, ranging from hiring and firing to recruiting and business coaching.

A number of firms in the UK advertise the benefits of outsourcing, including established firms such as J Mann Associates in Salisbury, enlighten HR in Swindon and Peripheral Partners in Leeds. Such firms are designed and managed specifically to work in partnership with UK based companies to provide staffing and HR resources, allowing those companies to concentrate on expanding their business and increasing profit.

While some HR outsourcing firms handle only large market companies and government agencies, many more outsourcing agencies are geared toward the small and mid-level markets. Outsourcing agencies handle the repetitive tasks of HR that can be managed outside of the company without compromising the safety and security of employee information.

In addition to maintaining employee records and data entry tasks, outsourcing agencies in the UK can also provide HR management for companies who do not need to hire a full-time, in-house HR director but do need guidance with HR decisions and employment law. Employment law can be a tricky, ever changing issue for any HR director to manage. Outsourcing agencies can provide current UK specific information and continuing updates as employment law in the UK changes. Some agencies will even provide, for a fee, quarterly retraining for HR directors and employees.

While there are significant cost advantages to outsourcing HR functions, there are also cautionary warnings to be considered. There is some loss of control involved with outsourcing company HR functions. Great care must be taken when researching and choosing an outsourcing agency to handle any HR function. The best way to ensure safety and security of employee information is to only choose a registered and accredited agency. There are associations that will offer a recommendation or verify any outsourcing agency’s certifications. Also be sure to choose a company with verifiable recommendations and reviews; generally established, tenured companies will provide the best knowledge and service.


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