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In Car Entertainment

 The entertainment system of a car has really come a long ways. Gone are the days of the simple radio tuner that would broadcast in FM and Am. Today, car entertainment systems consist of state of the art stereo systems with LCD interfaces, global positioning satellite systems, DVD players, computers and the game consoles.

There are different kinds of car stereos today. There are the simple ones that allow you to play AM, FM and cassettes. Then a step above that is the one that allows you to play CD's. Then there are the ones that come fully integrated with a connector to an MP3 player that gives you access to a wide array of tracks. Now, the mother of all stereos is a stereo that does not only have the functionalities of its predecessors, but also comes with a touch screen that allows you to digitally control your stereo. It also comes blue tooth ready, so you to take those phone calls while you are in the road.

After radio, which only has limited frequencies and not a wide variety of music, comes satellite radio. Satellite radio has a lot of stations tailored for the user's taste. It plays specific kinds of music, varied talk shows and music from around the world. The cool thing is that the reception is so much better than the reception of a conventional radio. Satellite radio or HD radio has better sound quality.

Long boring rides are gone for the passenger. Car entertainment systems include mini screens hooked to the seats and portable DVD players. You can enjoy your favourite movies while on the road. These screens can attach to the glove compartment or you can attach them to the back seats.

For the compulsive planner, or if you like to know where you are all the time, there is the GPS or the global positioning system. You can know your location around the world at any time. The GPS allows you to know how fast you are travelling and the shortest way to your destination. It also has preloaded points of interest that allow you to know the location of restaurants, gas stations and traffic updates.

It seems that the car has come a long way. Now the car is not only a means of transportation but has become a mobile entertainment system. Cars are now equipped with state of the art gadgets that make trips much more enjoyable.

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