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International Flights

 International Flights - Best Deals

For international travel, there are a few determinants for finding the most economical international flight deals, including the source of purchase, such as the travel agent, airline consolidator, or bucket shop. The timing of the plane ticket purchase is also important. The key time to to score discounted international flights varies by destination and time of travel.

It is best to purchase international flights as far in advance as possible. International flights should be purchased an absolute minimum of one month in advance for the best flight deal--although, the earlier the flight search begins, the more economically beneficial to the traveller. An advance purchase of ninety days is optimal. If the dates of travel fall within a busy tourist season, then four months to nine months notice for international flights is best. Paris tourism, for example, is high in the spring, so international flight cost will increase as the time grows nearer and as demand increases. International flights like these should be purchased as far as even a year in advance. Basic supply and demand principles apply to the fluctuation in the airfare market, as they would to any other business.

Yet while advance purchase is best for international flights, it is not always possible. That's where bucket shops and specialized travel agents might come in. These businesses often specialize in specific world regions, and often have established business relationships with discount airline consolidators. Bucket shops and international ticket retailers (travel agents or online retailers) can offer hefty discounts on plane tickets of their "specialty region" (or airline). This type of retailer can also offer special last minute international flight deals and travel packages. It's always beneficial to keep an eye out on advertisements from local travel agents and bucket shops.

It's not just the date and season that affect the international flight cost, but the day of travel as well, meaning the day of the week. It is typical for travellers to depart of a Friday or Saturday, so these airfares are often higher because of their higher demand. International flights that depart on a Tuesday or Wednesday are likely to result in lower fares.

Consumers should remember to be careful with airfare gambling, meaning that waiting until the last minute is not a safe bet. True, some travellers score on last minute international flights, but waiting to purchase is risky. The international airfare market is volatile.


International Flights - probably the largest choice of International Flights in the UK!

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