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Investment Banks

Have you ever wondered how corporations set up their company stock and how it is all sold? It's a complicated process, and fortunately for the corporations, investment banks are available to take care of it. It's not as easy as telling a stock exchange that you have stock to buy. The investment bank has to set everything up.

Generally, investment banks raise capital. Capital is the money companies use to build their business. When a company needs money to expand, manufacture goods, or do whatever they need necessary to progress and they don't have that money, they need to find a way to get it. They can either issue bonds as debt securities or they can issue stock. Investment banks help them take care of this process. They may help do any number of financing activities from stock to real estate and beyond.

There are investment banks all over the world, but specifically in the UK, there are also many great banks available. Sachsmann Capital Partners LLP provides real estate and acquisition financing, European Risk Capital focuses on financial services and real estate and other risk advisory and capital raising activities, and Stockopedia in London covers the US stock market. This is just a small sample of UK investment banks and what they have to offer their clients. You can find lists of banks available in your area online.

Other Investment banks venture out much further beyond simply stocks and real estate. Each bank has their own unique set of skills and specialties. Many will have the same basic functions but then specialize as well. If there is a specific need you are looking to fill, you need to do research to find out which banks will give you the benefits you are looking for. Obviously, if you aren't interest in real estate, you don't need a bank that specializes in real estate but in the area you are interested in. You want to get the best service and a bank that specializes can do that for you in most situations.

Investment banks also provide advice on mergers and acquisitions which are very common among corporations who are looking to grow and improve their company. These banks also provide services for individual clients including derivatives trading, foreign exchange trading, commodities, and equity trading. If you are in need of any of these services, a good UK investment bank should be able to help you.


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