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 Currently, there are several irons on the market which will keep you free of wrinkles and excessive steam. Irons, like other forms of heavy industrial machinery, can be ungainly and difficult to operate. New advances in technology have made irons easier to use, but they still require a skilled hand and deft eye to avoid ruining your shirts and pants and leaving burn marks on your table.
The majority of commercially available irons, it should be noted, are steam-based, meaning that you must fill them with water in order for them to operate effectively. However, higher quality irons are generally easier to manoeuvre, and do not weigh so heavily on the wrist and hand.

There are number of features that distinguish high quality irons from the more middling versions available on the market. High quality irons will feature an ‘auto-off’ function. If you leave the iron stationary for an extended period of time, it will automatically shut off, so that you do not burn any of the items you are ironing. Some exceptionally high quality irons feature what is known as ‘vertical steaming’ which means that the iron will not automatically turn off if tilted at a 90 degree angle, so that you can iron draperies or other vertical, hard to move garments or cloths in situ.

No matter what model you end up purchasing, you should also be able to adjust your steam levels on your iron depending on the type of cloth you are ironing. Make sure you buy an iron with a long enough cord to make ironing comfortable and easy in terms of how closely you need to stand to a wall or electrical outlet. If you can, avoid using extension chords while ironing. The heat and power of the iron may overwhelm the extension cord, leading in the worst case scenario to fires or, in a slightly more mundane realm, unexpected outages in the performance of your iron.

One way to get around the problem of wiring is, of course, to go wireless. On the market currently are several ‘wireless’ irons that will allow you a tremendous amount of freedom as you go about your daily ironing duties. Choose an iron with a solid, comfortable grip. Make sure the base is solid, so that the iron does not move when you set it in an upright position. You’re ready to start ironing!

Irons - probably the largest choice of Irons in the UK!

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