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Jewellery Gifts

There are many kinds of jewellery gifts, but it can be hard to narrow down the options. Everyone has a preference when it comes to jewellery. Plus, some jewellery is better for certain occasions, whilst other types are suitable at any time. Here are a few types of jewellery to consider when thinking about choosing your presents.

Necklaces are generally good jewellery gifts for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Most are suited to women, but there are some designs that are manlier. Women tend to like some sort of jewels, beads, or other adornments on necklaces, but men are more apt to like plain chains.

Watches are often considered jewellery even though they have a practical purpose other than simple adornment. These come in all sorts of styles and price ranges. In many cases, much of the “snob appeal” of a watch comes from its brand name rather than its design. Women will usually appreciate a watch more than men. This is likely because many women like to switch up their accessories, including watches, but men tend to wear just one or two watches until they break.

Cufflinks are almost exclusively for men, though it is possible to find the rare women’s suit that will take them. Men can be very picky about their cufflinks, so when giving them a pair, it is best to observe what kinds they already have and try to match that style. Gold and silver tones are common in cufflinks, but some types will include a semi-precious or precious stone in the design.

Women almost always appreciate getting earrings as jewellery gifts. It is fairly easy to find a suitable pair, but do take care to observe the styles she usually wears before purchasing. There is no point in giving jewellery that’s never going to be worn. If you make sure to match the general look of your gift to the style she likes, chances are good that she will use your gift.

A good general tip for any jewellery gift is to make sure it fits with the type of things the recipient already likes. Don’t try to “introduce” a new style; off-based designs will just end up in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Show the recipient that you’ve taken the effort to observe what they like, and chances are they will like and appreciate the present you’ve gotten them.

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