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Jobs in London

Although London, like many other cities around the world, has been hard hit by the current economic climate, as a large metropolis its job market is somewhat more resilient than one might expect. On the whole, it is easier to find jobs in London if you are flexible about the kind of work you're looking for, and if you're able to prove that you can stand out from the crowd with your drive, enthusiasm, and qualifications.

All job hunters are likely to need the following tools on their search for jobs in London:

1. Copies of CVs
2. Well-written cover letters
3. Presentable interview clothing
4. A method of contact (email and telephone are preferred)

Hunting for work in London is a long and grueling process, but there are plenty of places to get started. Many of London's weekly magazines and daily papers run job advertisements in their classified and other sections, as well as on their websites. There are also not-for-profit websites where employers can list open positions.

If there is a company you know of and are particularly eager to work for, then you should get in touch with them both in writing and by phone call. Introduce yourself and ask if there are any open opportunities, then follow up on any positive response you receive.

Find out what kinds of qualifications you need for the jobs you are searching for. Keep in mind that as a large city, the search for positions in London can be extremely competitive, and you will likely be weighed against other candidates who have achieved top marks in school or who have substantial real-world experience. A lack of these experiences or qualifications may not prevent you from getting a job, but when you are in close competition with others, you may find that your lack of those things allows the competition to edge ahead of you.

If you're fortunate enough to make contact with a company that asks you to come in for an interview, you should always arrive early, and make sure that you look professional (whatever that means for the field you are about to enter). Be polite to your interviewer (this should go without saying), and make sure that you answer each of their questions in a concise, positive manner. Never say anything negative about previous co-workers or positions. Finally, remember to write a thank-you note after your interview!

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