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Modern kettles have evolved since the invention of the traditional stove top version, coming in a variety of styles and models to suit anyone’s personal tastes and lifestyle. Choosey shoppers can also look around for the best deals online and find ways to save while finding a quality kettle product.

When shopping for your kettle, it is always best to look at what you need versus simply what you desire. For example, if you were going to use the kettle in a place where a power source won’t be available, buying an electric kettle would not be a wise choice.

Below are a few of the primary types of kettles. These include but are not limited to:

• Steel – A steel kettle had many advantages, including durability. They also do a great job of maintaining a liquid’s temperature. Usually stainless, one never has to worry about the appliance rusting out. There are electrical and non-electrical versions of steel kettles and many are economical. Cons? Some complain that the fluids tend have a metallic flavour while others feel they are not very eco friendly.

• Cordless – Cordless kettles can be used for a variety of mixtures, including tea, coffee or soups. While traditional stovetop cordless kettles may inexpensive, high-end versions have an internal heating element in them that heat fluids up evenly and quickly. Another great thing about cordless kettles is that you are not tied to one area of the kitchen and can easily move about. On the other hand, electric outlet kettles are becoming increasingly popular because they can heat up water faster and tend to have shut off valves as opposed to a whistle spout.

• Jugs – Jug kettles are so named because they resemble a “pitcher” as opposed to the traditional squat and round variety. They can come in cordless and electric versions and are made of chrome, stainless steel, plastic and even porcelain materials. Jugs often also have a view port on the side so you can see how much fluid is left on the inside of it so drinkers can gauge how much water is left inside of it. This makes it practical and efficient.

Many contemporary kettles are mirroring modern trends as well. For example, you can find an eco friendly style that saves 24% of the energy that is used by most kettles. This can help you enjoy your morning cuppa as well as help save the planet!

With so much to choose from, you would be hard pressed not to find a suitable kettle that serves you well for years to come.

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