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 Kitchens have been called “the heart of the home.” This is because in a lot of homes, much of people’s time is spent there, either preparing food or talking to the people who are. Therefore, extra consideration needs to be made when considering how to outfit a kitchen.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. It needs to not only have general, or “ambient,” lighting; it needs task lighting as well. Task lighting illuminates areas used for specific purposes. These areas include busy areas of the counter, the sink, and the range. If there is a table or kitchen island, these should be well-lit, too.

A table is a good idea if the kitchen is often used as the eating area. If people often find themselves eating whilst leaning over the counter, consider adding a table. Not only is sitting more comfortable for most people, a table will be a big help in cutting down on necessary counter cleanup.

Kitchen islands can make food preparation easier by allowing access from all around. Unlike counters, islands have no back wall in the way, so tasks like rolling out dough are a lot more convenient. These can also include cabinet space underneath, and more cabinet space is always good.

Some kitchen designs will place a pot rack above the kitchen island. This style needs to be approached with caution: people who aren’t tall enough will likely find that it is aggravating to have to reach so high up to get to their pots and pans. It doesn’t look as stunning or “professional” to have the pots and pans hidden in lower cabinets, but it is far more convenient in most cases.

Another element of kitchen design has to do with the counter. Counter space is often at a premium in the kitchen. One good design element to come about in the last decade or so is the placement of small appliances underneath the overhanging cupboards. Brackets can be installed to hold up the microwave, as well as certain other appliances. This can free up a lot of space which would normally be taken up by these machines.

No matter what your taste, kitchens can be designed to provide great functionality as well as looks. Consider both style and purpose when choosing a layout and your kitchen will be both pleasing to be in and easy to use.


Kitchens - probably the largest choice of Kitchens in the UK!

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