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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a Place for the Gambler to Bring the Whole Family

For many years it was known as the city of gambling, but now offering a realm of different entertainment and activities for the entire family, Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation spots in the USA. It will always be attractive to the gambler, but it has so much more to offer than just gambling.

Las Vegas is a magnificent place to visit and just to mention a little of what this fun and exciting city has to offer are; some of the best clubs for the nightlife, Top quality casinos with gambling of every kind, gorgeous five star hotels, endless restaurants serving delicious recipes from around the world, The greatest of shows performed by some of the most talented people in the world, relaxing spas, convenient fast food galore, numerous chapels that supply everything you could want for an on the spot wedding, large shopping malls, fantastic amusement parks, cool refreshing water parks and unlimited activities for children of all ages.

Even though Las Vegas has an endless variety of options other than gambling, the Las Vegas strip has very few places that do not offer gambling of some sort. Many of the hotels offer betting on games, such as Keno, right from within the room. There are casinos in most of the hotels that offer gambling of all kinds, such as; slot machines, Keno, sports betting, horse betting, all kinds of cards games including Baccarat, Black Jack, Texas Hold'em, Five Card Draw and Seven Card Stud, and not to mention all of the exciting dice games.

Las Vegas is a place that every family should put on their list of places to spend a family vacation and it is certainly a place to visit for the person who loves to gamble. With all the luxurious hotels, restaurants and casinos that offer free drinks while gambling, Las Vegas is certainly a gambler's paradise. Many of the hotels and casinos offer childcare, so the parents can take the whole family and have fun with the children during the day and frequent the casinos at night by taking advantage of the childcare offered.