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 Any homeowner or land owner understands the importance of owning a lawnmower for property upkeep. Lawnmowers are used to cut grass to an acceptable height. The first lawnmowers were spinning reels that used rotation to cut grass. They did not use fuel and are still used today as an environmentally friendly option to current lawnmower options.

There are two types of lawnmowers used for both commercial and residential use. The first one is the walk behind mower and is more popular with residential users. A walk behind mower is propelled by the person pushing it, though many more expensive models are self propelled, much like some vacuum cleaners on the market. A walk behind mower is convenient for small properties of a half acre or less and those without any limiting disabilities.

The other type of lawnmower is called a riding lawnmower. These are more popular with commercial users, handicapped users, and residential owners of a large property. Riding lawnmowers make the job less strenuous, and are capable of covering a large space in a short amount of time. They are traditionally much more expensive than push mowers and have overall higher maintenance costs. Other types of lawnmowers do exist, such as the robotic lawnmower, though they are not widely popular in the mainstream consumer industry as of yet.

Most lawnmowers use gasoline to run. However, there are some electric models available using either corded or cordless technology to avoid expensive fuel charges. Corded models are limiting in coverage and are best used for very small patches or sections of grass, perhaps near a duplex or condominium. Cordless models are not limited by space, though the battery should be fully charged to prevent running it down in the middle of a lawn mowing session. Before purchasing one of these cordless models, be sure to find out the expected battery life.

Children should be watched closely around lawnmowers. They are capable of hurling debris at high speeds which can be very dangerous. Make sure to closely scan the mowing area before beginning in order to avoid an accident. In case of allergies, be sure to wear a mask while mowing, along with closed toe shoes for safety.

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