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 Nothing makes a woman feel more special than the right undergarments. The English term lingerie is derived from the French word linge which means washables. The undergarments can be made from nylon, satin, silk, cotton, or Lycra. Undergarments can range from the sexy and visually appealing babydoll, to the practical everyday wear of bloomers and bras, and the structurally confining but slimming girdles and body shapers.

Although the term lingerie was first coined to mean undergarments worn under the clothes, womenís night garments are now included in the category. The term seems to be reserved for nightwear that is visually appealing and designed to entice or seduce a partner. For instance, a babydoll or teddy, terms used to refer to a short nightgown, is generally considered lingerie. However, pajama pants and jackets are not considered to be in the lingerie category. Additionally, some lingerie is now worn out in public. For instance, corsets, which were originally intended only for slimming, are now worn as fashionable tops alone or under a jacket.

In the 1960ís, panties took on a more glamorous tone. For a long time women did not have many choices or variety when it came to underwear. Now there are several different kinds including the string bikini, g-strings, and tangas. One of the most famous styles of womenís underwear, the thong, had 2 songs named after it in 1992 and 1999. In the 1990ís, a form of underwear, known, as boy shorts, also became very popular. Women can also buy underwear known as the cheeky; the cheeky is considered racy because the bottom part of the buttocks is not covered by them. Less popular full coverage underwear, which usually covers from mid-waist to the bottom of the buttocks, is now called granny panties.

Brassieres have come a long way since their origins in the late nineteenth century. Fortunately, today women have access to custom bras designed for a comfortable fit. The British Chiropractic Association issued a statement cautioning women that wearing the wrong size bra can lead to back pain, poor posture, restricted breathing and abrasions. When searching for a bra with the perfect fit, a woman should consider the following features: the chest band should not ride up the back, breasts should be fully enclosed in the cups, and the breasts should be mainly supported by the bottom band of the bra and not by the shoulder straps.

Lingerie - probably the largest choice of Lingerie in the UK!

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