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As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining although some of us doubt it at times, but considering that we are supposed to be going through the worst economic crisis in living memory many people may well be surprised to see that the more popular holiday and tourist destinations in Britain have in fact seen business go up, not down! Part of this of course can be put down to the resilience of the British spirit; most of us feel that, crisis no crisis, we are still going to have our holiday even though we may have to do tighten our belts a bit and stay in Britain instead of jetting off to the Seychelles, or the Bahamas! There is one venue that is definitely bucking the gloomy economic news, and that is the grand old historic city of London.

We have all heard of the expensive London hotels such as the Savoy and the Dorchester but there are far more hotels in the city than that! London plays host to tourists from all over the world and these tourists come from all sorts of different backgrounds and their spending power varies greatly; some may well be multi billionaire Russian oligarchs but the overwhelming majority have a budget to live within, and there is a suitable London hotel for just about every pocket, and it is this availability of good value hotel accommodation that has provided the springboard for London's renaissance as a tourist destination.

London is an ideal city to stay in for other reasons too. The transport system, although it does have it's hiccups and detractors is pretty efficient overall and it would be good advice for most tourists to buy a travel card for the underground or day tickets to help them to travel to all the many attractions that the city has to offer. An absolute must for the new arrival in London is a trip on one of the open topped tourist buses; not only will they be able to see most of the major attractions but they will also get a courier who will tell them all about the histories of the city too, and then they can always come back by bus, taxi or underground if they wish to explore the attractions in more depth.

With a wealth of shopping venues including the famous Fortnum & Mason's, Harrods and the shops of Knightsbridge there is plenty to keep the ' VENI, VEDI, VISA ' brigade (I came, I saw, I went shopping) fully occupied and there are abundant museums of all types to keep the children of all ages from nine months to 90 completely goggle eyed. There are more attractions than can be described in a short article, some of which are completely free of charge and others for which there is just a small entry fee, and together with ample good quality and reasonably priced hotels London's popularity as a tourist venue is likely to continue.

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