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Longstay Travel Insurance

When travelling on an extended stay in a foreign country, its crucial to be sure you are covered for unforeseen illness or accidents. Most countries do not provide free health care and an emergency visit to the hospital is enough to cripple your finances. If you plan to take a lengthy holiday or will be working short term abroad, you must take care to get yourself fully insured.

Though there are no guarantees with a sudden accident, there are some precautionary measures you can take to keep yourself healthy on an extended stay abroad. Be sure to check with the nation's webpage for health and safety tips and predetermine if the drinking water is potable. In countries where tap water is not deemed safe, you will need to drink only bottled water and remember to use it also for brushing the teeth. In addition, its important not to consume food items that rinsed under tap water such as pasta and raw vegetables. Such contaminated water brings with it intestinal upset that may lead to dysentery, dehydration and even death.

If you are a frequent traveller and plan to take more than one holiday per year, try an annual/multi trip insurance policy that will cover the entire family as long as each holiday is less than forty-five days per trip. Competitive annual policies will even cover skiing and snowboarding for free.

Shop and compare prices for full coverage to include your lifestyle and planned activities. Some annual insurance premiums are geared for high-risk activities, backpacking holidays, study abroad programs with policies to cover every age starting at a variety of minimum age requirements. Study abroad insurance policies fully cover the student for medical and emergency transport back home and may be purchased at a minimum age in the early twenties. However, academic documentation is required and must be faxed to the underwriters.

For the active traveller, you may wish to pursue a comprehensive insurance premium that covers an array of hazardous endeavours such as bungee jumping, river rafting , SCUBA diving, etc. Be sure to check your policy's rules and regulations carefully to ensure that they will cover the specific activities you wish to engage in, as the premiums are selective in what you are allowed to participate with.

You may also purchase a basic plan for long stay travel insurance that provides satisfactory coverage but may limit your access to certain foreign countries, so be sure you are approved for your destination. Top premiums may impose a penalty for emergency return to the UK, allowing only one usage per year. Cheaper policies may be found, but all long stay travel is deemed high risk and therefore subject to tight restrictions even on lower cost policies.

The best way to ensure that you find the long stay travel insurance that meets your activity level and budget is to plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time to shop and compare. Not all policies are created equal and you need to read the fine print before making a commitment.

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