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Lounge Furniture

Trying to choose new lounge furniture in the UK market can be overwhelming. There are key questions to consider: How much do you want to spend? Do you need it on a payment plan or will you pay all up front? What style do you want? What size and kind of seating do you need? Do you need new side tables and coffee tables to match the new furniture, too? Is reupholstering your current furniture an option? How soon do you need it? The questions are probably endless. Be sure of what the answers are before setting foot in a shop and that way you will not spend money on something you later regret.

There are many local shops and upholsterers all around Britain and, if you are able to spend a little more, these are great places to use: Support local businesses and get more personalized service. However, most people are likely to use the nationally known retailers. Below are three popular options from high-end, high-cost furniture, to affordable, varied options.

John Lewis: Furniture at John Lewis ranges in style and design, from the classic to the very modern. Depending on stock, expect prices to range from about 400 - 4,000 for their range of sofas, and 250 - 1,600 for armchairs.

DFS: With many locations, DFS is a practical, affordable place to buy new furniture. Ranging from 350 - 1,500 in cost for sofas, they offer a really wide range of styles and many options for fabric, too. With recognizable names designing for them, like Linda Barker, DFS has a modern edge and the quality is great for the average British family.

IKEA: IKEA furniture is not flimsy and easily broken as many people think, but it is not generally a life-long investment. One of the great things about IKEA is that the colours and design are really for a modern living room. Starting at about 60 for a basic arm chair and ranging to around 2,000 for the best sofa sectional, IKEA really has a huge variety of options and accessories. Great for young families and couples, IKEA offers very affordable, exciting furniture.

There are, of course, many other places to buy your new lounge furniture, so take your time, research the most appropriate affordability options for you and the most suitable styles to match your lifestyle.


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