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Low Cost Airlines

 The Truth About Low Cost Airlines

You're online, searching for a low cost airline or flight. You find a wonderful deal for you and your family and realise that you will save more money on this trip than you ever dreamed possible. You praise the Internet, because it has given you the upper hand as the customer. You were able to research all the different online travel companies and airline web sites thoroughly, and you found the best possible deal on a flight.

As you begin booking your flight, you start noticing additional fees and charges you never saw before. You want your family to sit together on the plane, but if you select your seating preference on the travel site, it will cost you more money. You suck it up and pay the fine, because you don't want to deal with the stress involved in switching seats with other passengers so your family may sit together.

Then you realise that your old-fashioned sense will cost you more as well. You hate using the self-check-in at the airport, so you request a paper ticket, only to find out that it will also cost you a hefty fee.

By the time you click that "submit" button to complete your transaction, you begin to wonder how wonderful a deal you actually received.

And then you reach the airport...

You check your bags and the woman behind the counter notifies you that you have no free baggage allowance for your flight. What does that mean? It means that the airline is going to charge you a fee for every single piece of luggage you check in. After gritting your teeth and turning as red as a ripened cherry, you hand the woman your charge card and choke on the amount they charge for one silly suitcase.

It only gets worse on the plane when everything from an extra pillow to a bag of cookies means more money out of your pocket. By the end of your vacation, you find that your spectacular deal cost you more than the pricier airlines.

How can you avoid this dilemma? First, read the fine print before booking any flights. If it seems too good to be true, then it most definitely is. Do your research and account for all the additional costs before booking your flight, and call the airlines if you have further questions. Don't let this happen to you.

Low Cost Airlines - probably the largest choice of Low Cost Airlines in the UK!

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