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Management Training

The skills and behaviours required of an effective manager reach far beyond operations and productivity. Managers must be able to motivate their teams, manage change and performance, communicate effectively and coach and develop their staff. Management training gives managers and individuals looking to progress into management positions the skills needed to be excellent leaders in the workplace.

The course agenda of management training programmes often will include a number of learning sessions presented over two or more days. Participants will learn what makes a good manager, the difference between managing and leadership, and will begin to identify and develop their management style. Learning coaching and feedback skills will be an important part of their training. It is essential for managers to coach and provide positive and constructive feedback to their staff to help develop their careers.

Management training will also emphasize the importance of communication. A manager must be a master communicator, able to make small talk with strangers, deal with difficult individuals and inspire and influence their staff, all in a clear and concise manner. Conflicts often arise on the job, between workers and in other situations that require either one on one conflict management and resolution. Management training courses will address the processes and techniques that will help a manager deal with any situation that may arise.

Managing performance and building high performance teams requires a special set of skills that includes motivating teams, promoting team work, time management, and delegating. The ability to elicit a teamís values and beliefs, and inspire them to exceed expectations and do an outstanding job in all aspects of their work are skills that will be a central focus of the training. Other areas that will be addressed include time management, setting goals and objectives and developing plans together with the staff.

Management training programmes may be offered as workshops, in house training, or through self study courses. These courses are designed for new and existing managers, supervisors and individuals hoping to advance their careers learn what makes a good manager, and how to implement positive change in the workplace. The objective of these courses is to provide the skills needed to make the transition from managers to effective leaders. The techniques and strategies learned in management training can be applied in the real world workplace to improve productivity and improve bottom line performance.

Management Training - probably the largest choice of Management Training in the UK!

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