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Marketing Jobs

A Guide to Marketing Jobs

Most companies realize that their business will face limited growth and ultimately fail without an adequate marketing team, so the future outlook for marketing jobs is very bright. There are a number of different categories within marketing, but most positions boil down to strong representation of a company's products or services.

Many individuals may be an appropriate fit for a marketing position, but only if they possess an outgoing personality and a positive attitude. Potential candidates should carry themselves well and exhibit characteristics of a true professional. Possible clients will often gain a first impression of an organization based solely upon the marketing division, so companies place a great deal of trust with their marketers. A career in marketing requires that an individual be very ambitious and motivated. The ability to handle stress is greatly revered in such a position and the position is perfect for an individual that seeks a job where every day has new challenges.

Marketing often requires a great deal of conversing with possible clients and sales is a normal part of the daily routine. There may be numerous cold calls and substantial amounts of phone work involved. Another important aspect of marketing is advertising, so there are often design jobs and creative tasks required as well. A marketer must honestly believe that their company provides great solutions to a consumer's legitimate needs. The marketing division of any company is normally responsible for the sales figures and can be held to very aggressive quotas. Much of the day is typically self-directed and an employee must be able to stay on task and work independently.

The qualifications expected from potential candidates for marketing jobs are widely varied and depend mostly on the specific needs of the employer. Many companies may be willing to hire entry level candidates with no formal education, but some may indeed expect advanced college degrees in management or marketing. Most new employees without such education will be required to work their way up through the ranks and most promotions and advancements are solely based upon performance, not necessarily tenure.

Most marketing jobs truly provide an opportunity to make a very lucrative living, but many are commission or incentive based and require a great deal of ambition and drive to succeed. Only a job seeker knows if they are well-equipped to excel in such a position. While the job may not be easy, it is often extremely rewarding.

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