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Media Jobs

Getting a Media Job in Britain

Working in the media in Great Britain is a challenging prospect, but with patience and diligence (not to mention a bit of luck) it's easy to take advantage of the number of different kinds of specializations within media which allow an individual to make a living.

Media jobs encompass everything from being a film or television personality to writing articles for magazines and newspapers. Media jobs can also be found in more technical skill areas like video production, sound engineering, and graphic manipulation/animation. By considering the skill set you bring to the table with a media job, you can increase the likelihood that you will find a role that will allow you to be as successful as possible.

When beginning a career in the media, no matter what your specific role may be, you are not likely to earn a high salary. Many entry-level jobs in the media are low- or no-pay, and particular reliance is placed on interns, especially at film and television production companies. These roles are usually not paid and may require an individual to be earning credit for a course at college or university. When working at an internship in the media industry, the contacts one makes are just as important, if not more so, as the salary and practical experience one obtains. Later in your career you can expect to rely on connections made in early internships, as is the case in many other industries.

In general, formal qualifications are not required for work in the media, however individuals who choose not to obtain credentials from colleges or university may find that their job hunt takes longer and keeps them at a low pay grade for longer than some who attend prestigious media universities. With this in mind, it is just as likely that by starting young and working at a low level, an individual who has not obtained an advanced degree may be able to prove their worth through the quality of their work alone. Unlike other, more formalized fields, working in the media allows for this kind of maverick approach.

Perhaps the most important thing for individuals who wish to work in the media to realize is that this is not an industry that offers a steady paycheck to most people who try to work in it. You should always anticipate lean times, and save accordingly, perhaps even developing several streams of income.


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