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 Choosing the proper attire as a gentleman can be a slippery slope- itís a delicate balance to be fashionable without falling for every foolish trend to come along. Well-made will always trump trendy when it comes to menswear. Certain pieces will appear year after year in most collections due not so much to their runway appeal, but for their place as staples in the wardrobe of a well dressed man. Itís hard to go wrong with a classic, and every man needs at the very least one expertly tailored suit in his closet. Whether required for work or only brought out for rare special occasions, having a sharp looking suit in oneís wardrobe is vital.

While work attire should be selected with your position and the one you hope to achieve in mind, casual or weekend wear is more a reflection of you personality. This is where you can be a bit daring, if thatís who you are. Itís okay to try new things, but start small and on the weekends if youíre harbouring doubts about doing so. The creation of Ďcasual Fridayí has lead many confused fellows to their favourite retailers in doubt, but it is still a day at work. Your tee shirt collection, no matter how impressive, should never visit the office. Casual Friday is a day for chino trousers and pique-knit polo shirts, unless youíd prefer to stick with a button-down. Basing an entire wardrobe around a few well-selected pieces is a smart way to approach shopping. Think about what you already own, and consider what gets the most compliments. Odds are, thatís the colour or palette that best suits your coloration. Coordinating the majority of your wardrobe to this flattering shade will ensure that you look as brilliant as you really are. Knowing what works best for yourself as an individual is one of key points in a well kept appearance. Being aware of the styles and colours that best present who you are is called personal style, and anyone can have it. Flattering clothing can change how others perceive you. By taking care in cultivating a well-stocked and maintained wardrobe, good first impressions can come much easier.

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