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Mobile Phone Insurance

We have evolved into a digital world. Pretty much everyone owns at least one television, one computer, and a cellular telephone. We take our mobile phones everywhere with us. In fact, many people opt out of owning a landline altogether. Unfortunately, this leaves quite a bit of instance where we can damage or lose our mobile phones. This is why it is absolutely essential to have mobile phone insurance. In the UK, mobile phone insurance is inexpensive, when compared to the price we would pay if we were to misplace, break, or even scratch our phones.

 For a minimal monthly premium, usually averaging around £4.99, we gain peace of mind should we have the misfortune of something happening to our mobile phone. In an era where high-end cellular devices prevail, a lost or damaged mobile phone could end up costing us upwards of £1000.00. Cell phone carriers offer an introductory rate on the purchase of a new phone when a contract (usually one or two years) is signed. The replacement cost of a mobile phone will be much greater, as a new phone will need to be purchased outright—and the contractual monthly payment for phone service is still expected to be made.

 With an average of 1.3 million phones lost every year, and over 1200 damaged by water every month, it is imperative that we protect our investment and choose mobile phone insurance that is ideal for our specific needs. Cell phone carriers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and 3 offer mobile phone insurance through independent companies. Most insurance companies cover a broad range of occurrences such as water damage, lost or stolen phones, scratches, and breakage. While some require the payment of a small deductible, the more expensive insurance plans may require no fee to obtain a new or refurbished mobile phone. The overall savings and peace of mind is well worth the minimal monthly fee.

 To add, homeowners insurance may cover misplaced or broken phones. It is, however, recommended that a person obtains independent mobile phone insurance, as it is tailored to the instances that occur with mobile phone usage—such as a scratch on a touch-screen phone that impairs its functionality. Furthermore, many mobile phone insurance providers will offer replacement of accessories such as a leather case, or essentials such as a SIM card (without which the phone cannot operate).


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