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Mobile Phones

The Expanding World of Mobile Phones

It's hard to imagine life without mobile phones. It was a decade ago when the rotary dial, fixed to the kitchen wall, was the traditional and typical form of telecommunication. Long-range conversation was imprisoned in a physical cord. It was the technological older brother of two cans connected by a string.

Now mobile technology is advancing at an almost unimaginable rate. What began with huge plastic mobiles in a decade past have emerged now as super-fast mini computers. You are able to check your email, visit websites, order products to be shipped directly to your home, handle your bills, send video and picture text messages, and a vast array of other important functions. You can use your mobile phone nearly anywhere in the world. The new "3g" technology has allowed for fast data transfer.

The options in mobile phones have about as much variety as any consumer choice. You can get a cheap mobile for simple text messaging and phone calls. You can get a "Personal Digital Assistant," or P.D.A., which is essentially a mobile palmtop computer. This would allow you to surf the web and make calls. Mobiles that are enabled for 3g often allow you to stream video from websites like Apple's iPhone and the Sidekick LX 3G from T-Mobile are examples of these types of phones. In a sense, the 3g mobiles are a slippery slope to the obsolescence of the laptop. Most of the web functions that the average consumer uses their personal computer for are available on a 3g mobile now.

This has changed the world. The fast flow of information has affected how media outlets get information. Users "twitter" updates about their life directly from their mobiles in real time. Camera and video phones allow average people to capture breaking news as it happens.

Whether you want to join the fast paced world of 3g, or if you are just satisfied with a simple mobile with basic text messaging, there are options out there that will meet your needs. With expanding technology comes great consumer choice and lower prices. It is a truly mobile world, now, and to keep pace with commerce and current events, a great mobile phone is a must.

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