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Motorcaravan Insurance

Insuring a motor caravan is a different matter entirely to insuring a car; there is little point really in going to your friendly neighbourhood insurance broker who you buy your car insurance from an expecting to get the best deal available, since it is highly unlikely that the company will be fully conversant with such a specialised field. Fortunately one of the greatest advantages of having the Internet available in practically every home in the country is that we are all now able to contact specialists in all kinds of obscure businesses, most of which would be virtually impossible to find in the past!

So why is a motor home so different? Firstly, it is neither a car or van, nor is it a home, but it shares many of the risks of both. This means that you will need all the usual cover that you expect with a van insurance policy, such as cover for third-party damages or injuries, and perhaps personal injury cover as well as fully comprehensive cover in the event of a car accident; but you also need to be indemnified against losses caused by a burglary, domestic type accidents and, in particular, vandalism too. If you are carrying valuable items including cash or jewellery within the motor caravan you will probably have to specified these individually, and some insurance companies may well place limitations on the mileage that you cover in a year, or even the places that you visit. Many motorcaravans are built individually for each client and solely technical specifications can vary considerably; an appreciable number are in fact modifications of existing vehicles and these factors can complicate matters still further but a competent specialist insurer or broker should be able to navigate through these problems without difficulty.

As in the case of most high-value vehicles, fitting a tracker device and an immobiliser/alarm system may well be a very wise step which could lead to lower premiums.

Not only do the terms and conditions of motor home policies vary considerably from insurer to insurer but also the premiums that they charge can be very variable too! All the more reason to drive straight past a high-street broker and consult the specialists.

Fortunately motor caravan drivers are usually fairly mature people with long driving records and so it is quite rare to find younger drivers, who sadly are responsible for the majority of accidents, driving them which means that premiums can often be surprisingly low.

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