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Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Frequent Travellers Find Peace of Mind with Mult Trip Travel Insurance

For anyone who takes extended vacations, or has invested hard-earned money into travel costs, travel insurance is an essential piece of their financial protection picture. As opposed to standard single trip travel insurance, insurance companies also offer extended coverage that is also known as multi trip travel insurance. Sometimes these policies are called annual travel insurance. For a set price, sometimes as low as twenty pounds, frequent travellers can purchase coverage that will cover multiple trips in a year. These policies are available for recreational or business travellers.

The policies can provide basic of comprehensive coverage. Basic coverage includes medical expense coverage, personal liability, and legal expenses. (Coverage amounts for all benefits vary by provider, so it is important to read all the terms and conditions of the policy prior to purchase.) More comprehensive plans cover many more items and conditions, including trip cancellation; lost, stolen, or delayed baggage; delayed departure; personal accidents and injuries; catastrophic events; death; loss of passport, money, or other personal articles; and even hijackings, muggings, theft, and other crimes. Some plans pay for pet care, and some offer coverage for incidents and events at home during the trip, such as break-ins, loss of heat or electricity, and plumbing problems. Children are usually covered free of charge, and wintersports coverage can also be added to the policy. With this provision, travellers also have the opportunity to purchase coverage for their sports equipment.

Although the coverage purchased can be quite comprehensive, it is, of course, subject to limitations. First, the trips will be restricted to certain lengths of time, depending on the policy. Available options include 24, 31, 45, and 60 day trips. Medical coverage is limited based on certain pre-existing conditions, and the issuing companies will usually require full disclosure of ongoing medical treatments at the time of policy purchase in order to determine coverage. Additionally, coverage levels and prices will vary with age. While children are usually covered without charge, seniors will generally find different terms, conditions, and pricing than younger travellers will.

Multi trip travel insurance is important for frequent travellers. While itís important to thoroughly understand the terms, conditions, coverage, and limitations associated with a policy at the time of purchase, the policies provide important protections that other personal insurance policies leave out. Purchasing a multi trip travel insurance policy will give a frequent traveller an added peace of mind for every trip.

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