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 What Does Music Mean to Us?

Music stirs the soul and takes hold of our emotions. One song's meaning is a matter of interpretation depending on the events of our lives or the experiences of the moment. It conjures up images and memories, both good and bad, and takes us to places we've never been before. It speaks to us in so many ways and enriches our lives. It can be a catalyst for change or simply an outlet for expression.

Throughout the ages, music has evolved and transformed into so many genres, captivating us and holding us hostage, if only for a few minutes. Some is mindless and fun while some is deeply thought-provoking. From classical to classic rock, there is something within the music that helps to shape who and what we are. Our taste in music can say volumes about who we are, and with so much music to choose from, we can always find what we're looking for. We love our rock, jazz, blues, country, classical, punk, and new wave. Our music defines us more than we may even realise or fully understand.

Often we use music as therapy during difficult times. We may listen to some nice jazz tunes or soft ballads to slough off the pressures of the day. Maybe we have just suffered a nasty breakup and want to wallow in our sorrows for awhile, so we play the one song that was "our" song, over and over again.

If we've just met "that special one" (again) we may put on some upbeat dance music and jump about the house with giddy abandon. For that long-awaited promotion at work our choices may run from Bach to Joss Stone. Music soothes us and moves us. It makes us laugh, cry, and can even move us to action.

Music is celebratory, political, satirical, silly, and sad. It is universal, reaching across cultures and countries. Music helps to say what we may not be able to say with mere words. It brings people together or tears them apart. It is a powerful tool to elicit a reaction from others that range from tremendous joy to the deepest pain. Without music, a fundamental part of our being would be lost. We would have to find other ways to cope or to celebrate. What would we do without it? Thankfully, that is a question we will never have to ponder.

Music - probably the largest choice of Music in the UK!

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