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Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts for weddings

Weddings are a wonderful and beautiful occasion of life. When attending a wedding a question that usually pops up is, "what kind of gift should I get the bride and groom?" There's nothing like giving them a present they will remember or something they can use as well. Hopefully these ideas for wedding novelty gifts can be helpful.

Does the couple you know love live music? Well then perhaps you can surprise them with a pack of custom concert tickets. Just think of all the fun they can have with even ten of these tickets. Five concerts for them to attend and enjoy. It will be hard for them not to think of you as having given them one of the best wedding gifts they received.

Feeling a little goofy? How about some initialed toilet paper? Whenever that special time comes that they have to use the facilities, they'll have no choice but to use your gift. Obviously this is a gift that will only have a limited life span, but the memory of it will have them talking about you forever.

What better way to capture those special wedding moments than a personalized scrap book? This is something the couple will be able to enjoy forever. Let the bride pick out her favourite snap shots of the wedding and reception and arrange them to her liking as something she can show off to everyone. When she gets to your picture in the scrapbook you will always be pointed out as "the one who gave me this wonderful book".

Is the couple getting married going on a honeymoon with sun and beaches? How about a pair of "just married" sandals? With the word "just" on one foot and the word "married" on the other these sandals can be shown off to everyone they meet on their honeymoon to show that they have just celebrated a very special occasion while also offering their feet protection from the hot sand.

Most weddings involve a good amount of alcohol. However, your gift can be something they will cherish forever. How about a personalized wine bottle? You can get their names and the date of the wedding as a customized label on the bottle as something they can keep to remind them of their special day forever. Maybe they can have a little fun emptying the bottle too.

As you can see there are many great ideas for novelty gifts when it comes to weddings. These are only a few suggestions, but there are many other possibilities as well. Getting something for the bride and groom they will always remember you by should not be a daunting task, and perhaps you can even have a little fun with it.


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Novelty Gifts - probably the largest choice of Novelty Gifts in the UK!

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