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 Those who want to work in the UK as a nurse already know their job goals, but not everyone is aware of the job qualifications or the options available to them.

To be qualified to work as a nurse in the UK, you will need to take either a diploma or a degree course. The diploma course lasts for three years, while the duration of the degree course is four years. Your university nursing course will consist of half classes and half practical experience in an assigned hospital. During the first year of your nursing education, you will be following a Common Foundation Programme, which is designed to explain the basics of nursing. In the remainder of your education, you'll be focusing on your choice of nursing area. The areas of nursing concentration in the UK are adult, child, mental health, learning disability, and midwifery.

The nursing jobs available to you will depend upon your nursing specialty. While the majority of jobs available tend to be in the areas of adult and child nursing, jobs are found in all areas of nursing. Some of the jobs which nurses in the UK may find include working for physicians, hospitals, the armed forces, private clients, universities, and even cruise ships.

Those who choose to work in adult nursing will find that the job opportunities are virtually limitless. While the job title may refer to adults, a nurse in this area will often care for people of a wide range of ages. Some adult nurses choose to continue their education and specialise in an area such as women's health or care of cancer patients.

For those nurses who specialise in child nursing, jobs available can vary widely, but are often concentrated in the areas of general pediatric care. Child care nurses will find jobs caring for children from infancy through age 18. Some nurses in this field choose to further specialise, such as those who care for children with cancer and other terminal diseases.

Nurses who work with those with learning disabilities will usually be working in environments where the patients are permanent residents. Some of these nursing positions will be live-in, and others will not but may have unusual or extended hours. Some nurses who work in this area are employed by hospitals where their primary job is to care for patients with a specific problem such as epilepsy.

Mental health nurses usually work with patients who are not part of a long term care programme. Most often, nurses in this area will be helping with outpatient therapies, but will sometimes assist with patients who need to be admitted to the hospital for treatment of more serious mental disorders.

Lastly, nurse midwifes will find jobs which can vary a great deal. It is quite common for midwifes to have their own patients, yet secure an association with a hospital as well. Midwifery is an area of nursing in which you may find the jobs are less structured, and will usually require a good deal of travel to meet with patients.

Regardless of which area of nursing is your choice, you will find many interesting, well paid, and challenging jobs available for you in the UK.

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Nursing Jobs

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