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Off Road Driving

 Regardless of income status, location or classical education, there are opportunities to enjoy the experience of off road driving in the UK. There are certain driving skills that one should be conscientious of, if not an expert in, before planning and executing an off road adventure.

First, there must be an understanding of the surface to be traversed. The average asphalt lane will be a far different from the rutted green lane, which is oft not maintained or smooth. Most off road vehicles have different traction on unpaved surfaces and are often top heavy. Unpaved green lanes can often be dusty, muddy, wet or snow covered, depending on current or recent weather conditions. Any off road driver would do well to go on an outing with an off road club, or visit on of several off road driving centres for some education on how to drive off highway.

Make sure the vehicles itself is manufactured to be driven off the highway. The family sedan, with its lower carriage and minimal ground clearance, will not do well on ancient unpaved lanes scattered with ruts, boulders and pot holes. The increased tire size and higher ground clearance of off highway built vehicles are geared toward driving over just such terrain and around many of the obstacles that would destroy a small family car.

For those drivers who have little to no experience with off highway traveling, there is a great benefit to joining an off road club. There are several clubs in the UK geared toward specific brands of vehicles, as well as general clubs that welcome vehicles of all makes and models. There is great camaraderie amongst most clubs that will benefit new drivers greatly in honing their off road driving skills.

An important rule to follow, while off road driving, is to keep the green lanes clean. There is no reason to leave trash or marks on the landscape while on an off road adventure. Nothing will get a green lane shut down for vehicle travel faster than leaving proof humans were driving through in the first place. Keeping in mind no one would want strangers throwing trash on their garden; keep the litter in the vehicle. Most UK off road centres and green lanes have strict restrictions on littering and offer steep fines for those visitors who choose to ignore the rules.


Off Road Driving - probably the largest choice of Off Road Driving in the UK!

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