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One of the first rules about writing copy for a website is that one should never set out to deliberately depress the reader so here it is, I'll get it over with right at the outset; car insurance prices are set to rise. Yep, despite the economic crisis and tumbling factory prices all the way through the country's economy, insurers intend to push up their prices but we can't blame them too much; the fact is that most of them are losing money on the car insurance policies that they have written lately owing to a huge increase in fraudulent claims and our national obsession with claiming compensation. Someone has to pay for all this and as usual it is the poor b****y motorist. It is possible to fight back though!

Most people who buy their insurance go off to their local insurance broker, who gives them a price and tells them that that is the cheapest available on the market. The customer buys the insurance policy and every year when the renewal proposal arrives a cheque is duly sent off to pay for it in the sure and certain belief that the price paid is about the lowest available. Wrong!

What very few people seem to realise is that in Britain there has been a growing number of insurance companies but the number of motorists has stayed fairly static which means that more companies are chasing after the same amount of business. This has led to some very interesting business practices and one of them has been to put the whole buying process online, which has meant a reduction in the cost of acquiring each individual policy and a reduction in the commission payable to agents and brokers. The important thing as far as the man or woman in the street is concerned is that this in turn means lower premiums! However, things have become more interesting as the companies battle out between themselves for business; the introductory discount has made its presence felt! Insurance companies have always been eager to make sure that they get all the insurance business from every client, and they feel that if you are a customer of theirs for car insurance you make an excellent prospective purchaser for their home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, etc etc so they are quite happy to give you a nice financial inducement to leave your existing insurer and take a policy out with them instead and this is sometimes a very substantial inducement indeed, sometimes adding up to as much is 50% of the normal premium. Naturally, the premium increases to the normal rate the following year and the insurer hopes and prays that the customer will renew without shopping around again but there are an increasing number of ' insurance tarts ' who happily accept each discount as it comes and then the following year they throw their renewal proposal into the wastepaper basket for eventual recycling and get back on the Internet to find the next discount! It is no exaggeration to say that many people, in all walks of life, are saving themselves hundreds of pounds a year in this way.

There is talk of a shared client database that the insurance companies can use to prevent this sort of thing happening in the future and whilst our data protection laws should prevent this from happening I shouldn't rely upon them too much so that happy situation may not survive for ever. However, it is very easy right now to go online and find a few insurance companies, fill in some details about yourself and see how much money you can save yourself by buying your insurance over the Internet. You may be very favourably impressed indeed.

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