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Young drivers are, to put it bluntly, a d*****d nuisance! Their accident rate is appalling; although only about 12 1/2 percent of drivers on British roads are under 18, they are responsible for around 35% of all road deaths, and around a fifth of all new drivers are involved in a crash within six months of having passed their tests. Why would this be?

Although much of the problem stems from the inexperience of the younger driver, the fact that such a high proportion of accidents result in death or injury to themselves or others indicates that they were driving far too fast when the accident occurred, and that cannot just be put down to lack of experience; we have all seen the boy racers tearing around the streets almost on two wheels as they turn corners and we know that it is only a matter of time before they come a cropper. Indeed young male drivers are involved in far more crashes than female ones which indicates that either males are worse drivers than females (that is a suggestion that would certainly raise their hackles) or, what is far more likely, is that young male drivers have an unhealthy attitude towards their driving and feel that they have to drive more quickly and more aggressively than other road users.

Hardly surprisingly, the majority of insurance companies charge very heavily for young or newly qualified drivers but it only takes one or two major accidents to be caused by reckless young fools for these insurers to find themselves considerably out of pocket; and who do you think pays for all this? That's right, the ordinary law-abiding, careful driver who never has an accident from one decade to the next has to subsidise the young hot heads who caused all the problems!

Fortunately there are a number of insurers who want nothing to do with high-risk drivers, and who concentrate on the safer end of the market; namely the over 50s, who are no longer troubled by high adrenalin levels or the need to show off to their mates, and who have had sufficient experience to know the difference between sensible and reckless driving techniques. Because these companies will only deal with these safer motorists their claims levels are far lower, so they are able to offer much lower premiums to their clients.

Why should you subsidise the idiots? You may well find that insurers that specify that their clients must be over the age of 50 could give you a far better service at a much lower cost.

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