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I turned up at a party one day to find that all the guests were wearing orange wigs. The reason? The guest of honour had ginger hair and had been teased about it since childhood so we decided that it would be a good idea for everyone to support a thatch of the same colour so that there would be no hair discrimination! It just goes to show, there is no accounting for taste.

The fact is, people love to wear hats at a party particularly after a little alcoholic lubrication has juiced up their brain cells or little, whether these are rubber chicken hats or bowlers, stove pipes or boas. There is a market for just about anything in this world, so it didn't take very long for enterprising manufacturers to realise this, so no matter what sort of party hat you are looking for there is almost certainly a manufacturer somewhere who can sell it to you with top hats possibly the most popular; but I doubt If Lord Snooty (but of course you remember the Dandy and Beano don't you?) would recognize most of them because they are made from just about every material imaginable from bright shiny plastic to foam rubber and every colour from funereal black to lime green. Fancy being a court jester, complete with a jester's hat with bells on? No problem at all, they come in every size and shape. Fancy a furry rabbit on your head, or a gonk with six hands? Easy. Since you'll be getting thirsty, will you need a couple of beer can holders with flexible straws built into your headgear? Yes, you're absolutely right, you can buy these straight off the shelf in every colour including nutcase brown.

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Party Hats - probably the largest choice of Party Hats in the UK!

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