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Party Invitations

Party Invitations Come in Every Description!

The party invitation creates an important first impression that captures the guests' attention and ignites their anticipation. Is the party casual or formal? Is a big gift in order or is bringing a cheerful attitude all that is necessary? Whatever the occasion, the best parties begin with the invitation.

Three types of party invitations are available: make your own, preprinted, and custom designed.

Making your own invitations is the ultimate in expressing your creativity, but that may still require a trip to the local stationers or online store for cardstock and envelopes. An amazing array of embellishments, stickers, and accent tokens are available. Whether the invitations are penned in calligraphy or printed from a computer, sealing the envelope with a special sticker gives the recipient his first chance to break open enthusiasm for a party.

The most popular invitations are preprinted. The artwork is already done and blanks are left for filling in all of the Who, What, When, and Where information that is needed. They are available in different sizes, styles, and colours suitable for all occasions from christenings to retirement parties. Preprinted invitations are available in a nearly endless variety of designs and themes to serve a range of budgets.

The very simplest and usually the most economical preprinted invitation is the A6 (105 148mm) postcard size with printing on only one side. Postcard style invitations can also be slipped into envelopes for mailing as correspondence cards. When used this way, the back functions as extra space for adding personal notes or directions for guests who may be unfamiliar with the area. For an attention grabbing party invitation, the larger A5 (148 210mm) format has greater visual impact. Preprinted invitations also come folded in a note card style.

With modern developments in printing technology that make even small orders affordable, many hosts and hostesses are choosing custom designs to personalize their invitations. The simplest custom designs use a template that allows the customer to manipulate the wording, the font, the colours, and often even the choice of picture or design. For very special parties, a fully customized invitation will have custom artwork and offer a selection of inks and papers in varied weights, colors, textures and finishes.

A final consideration if the function of a party involves gift giving, is to purchase matching thank-you notes so that the party will end as well as it began

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