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PC Games

Even since the first days of home video gaming, the systems that the games have been played on have been limited by the technology at the time. In fact, all video game systems are simply specialized computers which are limited to a certain set of software. As one might expect, as the power of our computer systems have increased, so have the various gaming systems released. PC gaming has had its ups and downs, but it's safe to say that this is the best time for PC games since their inception. The expanding power of the average home PC has allowed programmers and developers to create more immersive worlds with increasingly powerful, sophisticated, and efficient tools. Since even home-system based video games are still programmed on a regular computer, the translation from software to playable game on a PC is much more fluid. Many small, budding independent developers are choosing to release their new titles on the PC platform rather than a gaming system because of the higher costs associated with the steps of having the game approved and published by the console maker.

Conversely, larger video game production companies are investing more time and effort than ever into creating the most brilliant, epic adventures and experiences they can on the PC. In fact, there are some types of games that many people only consider to be playable on the PC with a mouse and keyboard interface. Many feel that first-person shooters are clumsy at best when played on a typical home console's controller, and require the precision of a mouse to perform at their best. Another genre that benefits immensely from this interface are "real time strategy" games, with command listings so long and complex that to make them immediately accessible on any console controller would be impossible.

Many people are under the impression that playing PC games and maintaining a capable computer is prohibitively expensive when compared to home consoles. If one looks at the price trends, however, it's quickly obvious that while the cost of consoles is increasing, great video hardware prices are coming down. Better hardware at lower prices means more playable games, and better performance on existing games. One doesn't necessarily need to build a gaming computer from scratch if they already have one, either. Most computers just need their video hardware upgraded, which is as simple as inserting a card into a slot. Slower computers can get an affordable performance boost by adding more RAM along with their new card, as this is usually where the "bottleneck" effect occurs.

PC Games - probably the largest choice of PC Games in the UK!

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