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There is something very sexy about a high-performance vehicle, and whether it is a car or motorbike is irrelevant, it is still a very potent symbol is of a man's masculinity, or paradoxically a woman's femininity! Even as young kids with our first 50CC mopeds we used to take the engines to bits, increase the compression ratio by throwing away the head gasket and polish the exhaust ports for hour after hour so that we could squeeze an extra half a mile an hour on top of the existing 32 mph top speed! This love of power stays with us until our final day on this earth, and there is little that will turn heads more effectively than the throaty growl of a big beefy engine. They massage our egos whether we are polishing them lovingly on the drive (in full view of the neighbours, naturally) or roaring down the bypass at a speed that would make a traffic policeman lick his lips. Sadly there is one major drawback to owning one of these superbly desirable beasts; insurance can cost the earth.

Hardly surprising really. Powerful cars with a high performance are, by their very nature, expensive machines and since they are expensive to start with there are not many spare part stockists and few spares are sold anyway so when they get bent in an accident it can be a long, difficult and expensive process to find replacement parts. Add to that the fact that because performance cars have lots of power they are able to go very fast indeed, and many people feel that there is no point having an expensive and powerful machine if you do not use it's performance to the full, so when they do have accidents they are far more likely than Mr Smith's old Morris Minor to cause serious damage, injury or death. As if these were not bad enough, performance cars are lusted over by many people who are a little less than completely honest, so they tend to get stolen far more than the average car by people who are likely to drive them to destruction. All in all, it is not a lot of fun being an insurance company which insures performance motors.

All is not lost however! If your car is that good there is probably a collectors club for it where other enthusiastic owners of similar phallic symbols to your own will get together from time to time to discuss ways and means of getting even more kicks out of their jalopies. Where there is a supporters club there is usually also an insurance company that they can recommend who are willing to give discounts off their stratospheric insurance rates in exchange for the bulk business that a club can provide. Secondly, just because you own the finest car in the universe doesn't necessarily mean that you need to go down to the supermarket car park in it; it'll burn twice as much petrol as your family runabout and the dings that you will get from the car doors of clumsy inconsiderate drivers of lesser vehicles will drive you wild so why not just be content with polishing it regularly and taking it out on special occasions, using a smaller vehicle for day-to-day transport? If you only cover a low mileage you may well find substantial insurance discounts. Finally, fit the finest alarm system that you can afford, hide a tracking device in an inaccessible spot and keep it locked up in a garage when you are not using it, and you will not only find your friendly neighbourhood insurance broker more amenable but you will also be able to sleep more soundly at night.

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