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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Offers Cover and Perks

Pets, as any pet owner can attest, bring us a lot of priceless joy and companionship. However, pets can also bring a lot of high veterinary costs as well. For this reason, pet insurance is growing in popularity as veterinary costs continue to rise, and responsible owners look for the best way to afford these costs while keeping a pet healthy. Any pet owner should consider the benefits to pet insurance cover.

How to Get the Best Deals for Pet Insurance

The best way to comparison shop and decide on pet insurance cover is to use the Internet. Almost all pet insurance companies advertise their services online, and often offer a nice discount for those who sign up via the Internet. In addition, there are online services that do the comparison shopping for you. All you need to do is enter some basic data about your pet, and you can choose from an array of companies, simplifying the entire decision process.

Levels of Coverage

Most companies offer three different level of cover for pets: time capped, condition capped, or lifetime. The time capped is the least expensive, but the least flexible. It pays for one condition one time, and will never cover the same condition again. Condition capped pet insurance is somewhat more expensive, but allows multiple claims as long as different conditions are being treated. The lifetime pet insurance is the most comprehensive, pays for recurring conditions, and is the most flexible, but comes at a greater cost.

Pet Insurance Perks

Although most pet owners are content to simply buy cover for pet illness or injury, some policies include riders that offer much more. Some of the extra riders available are:

  • Boarding fees cover. Allows for reimbursement of a portion of boarding fees incurred when a pet needs to be attended.

  • Holiday cancellation cover. Pays for fees incurred for trip cancellation due to a pet's illness, injury, or disappearance.

  • Pet document cover. Pays cost to obtain lost pet documents during a trip abroad so the pet can be returned to the UK.

  • Damage cover. Pays a third party for property damage due to your pet's actions.

  • Emergency repatriation cover. Pays for cost associated with getting your pet home to the UK after becoming sick or injured abroad.

  • Replacement cover. Pays for a new pet if your pet is lost or stolen.

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