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Pet Travel Insurance


When you travel internationally with your companion animal, it is important to consider any medical emergencies that might befall your pet while abroad. Pet travel insurance allows you to take your dog or cat on holiday without worrying about overseas vet bills. It can be purchased as part of an existing pet insurance policy or separately. Different cover level options are available.

Most pet travel insurance companies cover dogs and cats, though some will have breed restrictions. Though not as common, other companion animals may be covered depending on the company. Pet travel insurance pays for required medical treatment and overseas veterinary bills. If your animal is stolen, it may also cover a loss of pet. Other things that it may cover but aren't standard to all companies include holiday cancellation, public liability, quarantine fees, and accommodation.

If you want to purchase pet travel insurance, you have two options. One is to find pet insurance that already includes travel in the policy. In general, this is less expensive than buying a separate policy. If you don't have insurance for your pet, or if your policy doesn't cover travel, you'll want to look into a separate policy. Here you also have choices. One is a monthly policy that only covers a single trip. If you and your companion animal go on multiple holidays a year, a yearly policy would better cover your needs.

The cost of pet travel insurance varies based on several factors. If it is part of an existing policy, the breed of your animal, and the pet's age will all affect the cost. Existing conditions are unlikely to be covered by the insurer. Hereditary conditions, which are prominent in some pedigree dogs, may also be excluded.

There are many companies to choose from. Larger companies that offer pet travel insurance include Tesco, Direct Line, Sainsbury's, M&S, AA, Petplan, RSPCA, and Petguard. These are just some of the choices on the market. To find the company that best meets your needs, request a quote from several.

If you want to take your companion animal on holiday, you should consider pet travel insurance options. While not every traveller will need them, for some it provides peace of mind and financial sense.

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