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Phone Calls

 Since research and development intensified by Alexander Graham Bell and others in the 1870's to transform telegraphs to instruments capable of carrying sound, the telephone has evolved into a device that would be unrecognizable to its inventors. The first transmitted speech in 1875 led to Bell's earning the patent on what would become the telephone, and changed the means through which people communicate irreversibly. Within 30 years, telephones would be present in homes, businesses, political offices and public meeting places in the world's major cities.

Technological advances through the 1900's changed the telephone from a rotary device with one working line into a digital apparatus with a push-button mechanism. Digital fields, telephone lines and advancements in transmissions would lead to the development of cordless phones. Cordless headsets were the most portable units thus far and enabled people to communicate with much more flexibility. Problems began to arise during that period with overlapping channels of communication. The cordless phones operated on a channel that could be matched or interfered with by another unit in the same vicinity. Additionally, cordless phones introduced batteries as a necessary complement to the working modern phone.

As the design and production changed from an emphasis on sturdiness to portability, consumers began using their telephones much more. Having the product readily available and easy to use generated advancements in the phone lines themselves and services offered by most providers to the average citizen. Until this time, phones with multiple lines were reserved for heavily frequented ports of communication such as police stations and hospitals. Providing the option of an added line to home service propelled telephone usage to its highest levels since implementation.

Cellular phones have now maximized the usage of the telephone to the extent that many analysts predict a reversal in the future. The usage of handheld cell phones is now transforming into a combination speak and type behavior with advancements in text-messaging technology and e-mail. Most cell phones are comparable in technology to the household computer, necessitating more data storage as opposed to an emphasis on sound quality. In more recent developments, some scientists have implied a cause and effect relationship linking cellphone use to certain types of cancer. It is argued that the microwave radiation emitted from cell phones is detrimental to overall health. These effects have yet to be proven and do not warrant any action to warn the public from the cell phone providers or manufacturers.

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