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Pine Furniture

Pine Furniture - probably the largest choice of Pine Furniture in the UK!

We British have always admired the products of mother nature and nowhere does this show more clearly than in our choices of furniture for our homes, and pine furniture has been popular for centuries for items such as chairs, tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes etc in solid wood, veneers and even laminates. It is tempting to say that this beautiful light coloured timber is now back in fashion as millions of people rediscover its charm and simple beauty, but then it has never really been out of fashion since pine is not only a very attractive wood to look at, it is not only relatively easily for the carpenter to work with and to achieve a smooth finish upon, but it is also a hardy and very durable material. Despite being very soft pine can withstand quite a considerable amount of normal wear and tear, and since the natural material is already full of knots, imperfections and even some light cracking some slight degree of damage can even be considered to improve its appearance aesthetically!

As a natural material pine is affected by temperature and humidity changes and it needs to be protected from these to a degree, since excessive changes can weaken the strength of joints or even cause warping. Consequently it is normal to apply a finish of some type, either paint (which obscures the natural beauty of the wood) or by applying a wax or varnish finish. If one of these latter choices are made it must be borne in mind that when subjected to sunlight pine tends to darken somewhat, producing a very pleasing colour but it is important that the whole item of furniture is exposed to the same degree since otherwise some colour differences could be noticeable. Many modern finishes include an ultra violet inhibitor to reduce this effect.

Pine has a high natural resistance to both decay and woodworm attack and so it is not at all coincidental that many antique pieces of furniture have survived for hundreds of years. Whilst we cannot guarantee that the pine table and chairs that you buy next week will last as long as this, you will have a fair chance of enjoying many decades of use from this warm, attractive and durable material.

Where to buy your pine furniture from? If you search our directory on the left you will find scores of stockists selling everything from superb antique style works of art right down to excellent value for money self assembly chairs and stools at extremely reasonable prices, and many of these online stockists can deliver the goods to you at a far lower price and in a fraction of the time that traditional retail stockists have traditionally got away with it!


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