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 Which Garden Plants Are Right for You?

With such a wide variety of plants accessible, it's hard to know what to plant in your garden. However, considering the benefits of a few different types of gardens might help you decide. There are many different types of gardens, each with its own perks.

One of the most popular types of gardens is a vegetable garden. Having a vegetable garden gives you instant access to organic, pesticide-free produce; also, it's usually easier to obtain the seeds of rare varieties of vegetables than those vegetables themselves, so with your own vegetable garden, you can easily access rare or heirloom forms of your favorite produce. Growing your own vegetable garden also benefits the environment, as no fuel will be wasted to transport produce from foreign lands to you. Popular hardy vegetables include lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkins.

Another kind of garden you might consider is a flower garden; cut flowers liven up any room, and they're much less expensive to grow yourself than to purchase from a greenhouse. Flowers smell nice, whether in a bouquet in your house or still growing on the plants; if you put a few lawn chairs in your garden, you'll find it a wonderfully peaceful place to get away from all the stresses of life. Hummingbirds and butterflies also will flock to the growing flowers, making your garden a delightful place to watch nature.

Another popular garden is the herb garden. Fresh herbs have much more intense, high-quality flavours than that of dried herbs. They're much more expensive at grocery stores than dried herbs, but if you grow them yourself in your garden, you can enjoy their flavour in your cooking for only a fraction of the cost. Most popular herbs are from the arid, harsh Mediterranean area, so they require very little care and less water than plants that originated elsewhere. For example, basil, a staple in any Italian dish, is a hardy annual that only needs a sunny patch in your garden to produce enough leaves for sauces, pesto, and salad garnishes all summer long.

Asking yourself what you're looking for in a garden will help you decide what you should plant. If you're feeling especially adventurous, why not divide your garden up and dedicate each section to a different type of garden?

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