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Property for Sale

 When buying or selling a property, the price is not always the last word to define a sale. Mitigating factors, such as location, are just as valid of a reason to buy as is because the home has a bonus room over the garage. The location of the property may be within your driving limit for work, but other factors to consider may include distance from schools or location within certain school districts. In addition, does the property allow you back the car out safely without a constant stream of two way traffic? Homes that are not user-friendly may not show their true colors until you move in. So be armed with housing product knowledge before you begin your property search.

Housing misrepresentation is rampant among real estate agents, so be sure to do your homework and take notes when attending an open house. The agent may make a casual remark, or even have it print, that the flooring is hardwood, when it is actually a parquet type to resemble wood. Such an error affects the housing price and can be to your detriment should you wish to re-sell. Another common mistake is the use of the phrase "dining room". Although the area is wired for ceiling lighting, the proper definition of dining room requires three walls of separation from the adjoining room. Without that, the dining room is correctly a "dining area" and should not be marketing as a "room".

When selecting a home, its always best to look towards the future, assuming you will be in that house for a while. Lot size is critical for persons who may wish to expand on the structure or add another room. To be certain that you may add additions, check with your local city officials for restrictions regarding the maximum distance from walls and fencing that may be developed.

When taking your walk-through an open house, be sure to inspect the ceiling and walls. Water stains on the ceiling may indicate a leakage in the roofing and you want to be certain in writing that the problem was corrected. Also, small hair-line cracks in the walls may indicate earthquake damage or flaws in the foundation. If the seller has attempted to cover these telling signs, you will notice an uneven surface and discoloration of paint.

The key to successful house hunting is to be vigilant and ask questions. Buying a home may be the biggest purchase of your life and an area where you cannot afford to make mistakes or be deceived. Bring with you a checklist of all your desired amenities and plenty of blank spaces to make notations. House hunting can be fun, so give yourself ample time to make the rounds of all available properties in your price range and be determined to settle for nothing less than perfection.

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