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Quad Bike Insurance

Compared to quad biking, driving a sports car around a fast twisty country road is like comparing going over Niagara in a barrel to paddling at Blackpool in wellington boots! These fast, highly manoeuvrable, nippy machines can take you deep into the heart of the deepest forest, right across muddy swamps and careering over ploughed fields (subject to your friendly local farmer's permission of course!) And if you are the adventurous type of explorer they can open up regions that you never thought possible. Riding a quad bike is nothing at all like riding a standard motorcycle or driving a car, it requires a completely different set of driving skills and of course it presents entirely different challenges and risks too. There are many different types of quad bikes; some are designed specifically for play and these are usually fast, light and highly manoeuvrable. There are however also working bikes that can be used for carrying golf clubs around a golf course, ferrying luggage around an airport or even towing a plough across a field! Many are fitted with trailer connectors and can tow loads which are many times their own weight.

Part of the attraction of quad bikes is the element of danger, which is magnified by the fact that since they can go just about anywhere, riders are always being tempted to push them to their limits and accidents under these circumstances are almost inevitable. Even bikes which are designed to travel far more slowly and with a much lower centre of gravity can be involved in accidents when they are being used over rough ground, particularly in the hands of unskilled drivers so it is absolutely essential that adequate training is given to everyone who attempts to master one of these machines, and that proper safety equipment including approved crash helmets are worn at all times.

Because there are such wide differences between the users of quad bikes, from young kids seeking an adrenalin kick to mature, sensible middle aged people slowly towing a stack of suitcases down an airport corridor; and because there is such a huge variety of bikes ranging from small models designed for children right through leisure quads, bikes designed for competitive sports and working quads designed to carry heavy loads, deciding on what is a realistic insurance premium is a very specialised task and the majority of insurance companies simply do not handle them at all, and most brokers are not sufficiently experienced to advised on the best policies to consider so this is one particular sector of the insurance market in which it is absolutely essential to talk to a specialist broker.

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