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 Are you a bit of a daredevil? Do you enjoy speed, and tremendous power? You might be the next participant of quad biking, and you will not be alone. Quad biking is growing in popularity in the United Kingdom as well as internationally. Quad bikes are not unlike motorcycles in appearance but the similarity does not go much further. The extreme power of the quad bike leaves cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in the proverbial dust.

Before you think of hopping on a quad bike there are some important steps that need to be followed in order to maintain safety. Imagine this bike to be the bucking bronco of vehicles. It was originally created for shepherds as well as estate owners. It handles all sorts of terrain but it will throw you right off the saddle if you are not prepared.

Be Prepared:
*Your safety and that of others are the most important aspect of riding the quad bike.
* A top quality protective helmet MUST be a priority for riding the quad bike.
* Purchase eye protection, gloves and proper boots to protect you from the terrain.
* Until you are familiar with the quad, practice only on a level surface to increase your understanding.
*Work with a qualified instructor before going on safari with your quad. You want to learn from someone who has extensive knowledge of the various terrain and conditions you will encounter.
*Beginners typically ride a Honda 250E or SportAX90 because they are smaller and easier to handle.
*Purchase a special quad bike insurance policy.

The powerful quad bike was designed for off-road pleasure, its tyres, horns and lights differ mechanically from automobiles and motorcycles. These features were developed to withstand the tough terrain it is meant for and therefore very well built. Should you decide to take quad biking to a competitive level you may be surprised to discover that it is quite a bit less expensive to participate in events than other types of racing. This fact makes it easier for riders to enter the competitive racing of quad bikes.

Quad biking is a phenomenal and exciting experience but if underestimated it can be a disaster. It is not a vehicle that is designed for more than one rider per bike and this fact can not be ignored. The power of this machine is not like any other, being properly prepared and trained are the key to years of intense enjoyment on the quad bike.

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Quad Biking

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