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While taking online quizzes can be a great way to slaughter free time, they can actually provide some interesting insights into the nuances of your own personality. Some online quiz websites give you a chance to connect with other quiz lovers, while other quiz websites let you design quizzes of your own and track the results in real time. At the other end of the spectrum, there are quizzes available online that are offered by serious academic institutions that offer participants the ability to obtain interesting feedback regarding how their mind seems to work while providing these institutions with valuable data that can be used to further psychological and psychiatric research.

Online quizzes have been around since the earliest days of the internet, but they have only truly come into their own in more recent years due the increased ability that most online quizzes now offer for customization by their users and interaction upon peer networks. For instance, most of the more popular online quiz providers offer the option of copying a script that can be posted by users onto their blogs and user profiles that display their personal results of the surveys they take. At the same time, users are often able to directly message individuals who have had similar results on certain online quiz website. The best online quiz providers offer additional content on their websites in which quiz lovers can connect with one another on forums, play simple multi-player games together and even share their own content through diary postings and art galleries.

For more serious internet users who tend to take themselves more seriously, there are plenty of quizzes that are designed for more mature audience. Whether you are simply looking to see what personality tastes you are most compatible with or have more dire concerns such as mental health worries or substance abuse issues, there are very academic quizzes that can be quite useful as a first step toward addressing life changing decisions. These particular quizzes are so useful because they are designed to ask particularly the same questions that many mental health professionals ask as the initial screening questions when diagnosing a possible condition.

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