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Rail Travel

 Riding the Rails Throughout Great Britain

Why not see Great Britain by train? There are hundreds of destinations throughout Great Britain that can be reached by train, a wonderful way to enjoy the scenic countryside while relaxing in comfort. Let someone else do the driving, sit back, and soak in the view.

With so many places to see in Great Britain, the decision of where to go can be a hard one. However, the choices also mean an open world to explore. Bournemouth is one such destination that can be reached by train. With it's sprawling seven miles of sun-kissed beaches, Bournemouth offers some wonderful activities for the whole family to enjoy. Swim, surf, or body board in the sea. Hire a beach hut and stay awhile. Don't forget to visit the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum with it's array of famous paintings and precious gems collected by the Russell-Cotes family.

Perhaps the more modern amenities of Manchester are on the list of places to see. Take the train into Manchester and enjoy the many markets that abound offering vintage clothing and collectible records. Take in the cinema or be a spectator at a football game with rivals Manchester United and Manchester City.

For a taste of the nightlife, hop the train to Newcastle where there are more clubs and late night parties than one could take advantage of. The clubs vary as much as does one's taste in music and atmosphere, so there is a place for everyone to enjoy. There are also many family-friendly attractions such as the Blue Reef Aquarium and the Castle Keep to make even the children happy.

Take a scenic ride from Middlesborough to Whitby and take in the sights of the small villages, cows, sheep, and stone walls. Take a sleeper train from London on a trip to the Scottish Highlands and experience one of the most scenic rides in all of Great Britain.

Ride the trains through Great Britain and see things one cannot see by plane or even by car. Take in the expansive countryside, towering mountains, and cities and towns along the way. Riding the train can be a one-day excursion or a days-long adventure. It is also unbelievably affordable so more of that vacation money can be spent on other things along the way. Travel alone or bring the family along. Wherever there's a train there's a fantastic destination at the end of the line.

Rail Travel - probably the largest choice of Rail Travel in the UK!

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