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 Tips for Cost Efficient House Removals

Moving house is never an easy process. One of the more difficult aspects of the entire process is the house removal. Not only is this a time-consuming ordeal, but also can often be quite costly. Below are some cost effective tips for house removals that are sure to be of benefit.

Booking your removal well in advance of the date needed is the easiest way to save money on your next house removal. This gives the removal company time to plan both their vehicles and staff. Waiting until the last minute to book your removal may not simply finding you paying more, but you may find the company you wish to work with is already booked.

There are a variety of removal resources online that can arrange multiple quotes for your house removal. Requesting a quote is often as simple as filling out an online form. Using an online resource will allow you to compare prices from multiple companies, all at the same time.

Packing and unpacking your items is another great way to save money on a house removal. Many companies will provide you with the packing materials (boxes, bubblewrap, etc.), for a nominal supply fee, if you decide to go this route. However, check with your removal company about their policies regarding insuring fragiles and valuables that have been packed by the owner.

Only move what you really want. Everything that your removal company moves costs extra. Give away or sell any items you no longer want or need before moving day.

Disassembling large furniture pieces yourself can save money. Removal companies often charge extra for furniture pieces, such as wardrobes and beds, that cannot be moved without being taken apart. Spend a little extra time doing it yourself and save in the long run!

Doing some of the moving yourself is another great way to cut down on costs. Friends and family can help not only with packing, but loading as well. You can even save more money by bringing your items to the removal company's storage facility. If you're flexible with your dates, the removal company can then arrange shipping for a time that is most convenient for them, often resulting in a reduced price. If you're moving abroad, bringing your items directly to the agent or port may save you as much as 20%.

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