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Retail Jobs


Retail jobs abound where customers visit a store or site for the purpose of purchasing goods. Retail commonly refers to vendors which offer such things as clothing, shoes, appliances, tools, lawn care items, cosmetics, furniture, jewellery, electronics, books, music, even fireplaces and pet supplies. Retail is the most common type of job available, for without the sales of products or the servicing of products sold, many businesses would find it necessary to close their doors.

An individual taking a job in retail is one which enjoys diverse tasks in the work environment. Servicing customers to locate items of interest is by far the more interesting part of the position. The ability to learn about product lines, their uses and functions, how to operate them, and what to do if they are faulty or unwanted is but one part of a retail job. What goes on behind the walls of the selling floor is equally as important to a position in retail, as these are the activities which make it possible to service customers on the sales floor.

Getting along with a variety of people is an utmost priority for a person considering a position in retail. Friendliness, knowledge of the storeís offerings, and suggesting purchases are all part of the customer service skills necessary for success. In addition, the ability to transact an exchange of money for items may be required, as is bagging or boxing purchases, or even gift-wrapping items for a special occasion.

Customers require items to buy, so the beginning of the retail job essentially begins in the shipping department. While a larger store may designate specific employees to handle incoming stock and tagging, a smaller concern may request these tasks of the retail employees. Inventory control is an essential part of tracking losses due to damage incurred during shipment, or on the sales floor itself.

Being watchful over suspicious activities of customers attempting to pilfer retail items is also a constant vigil. Arranging new stock to make it attractive to buyers is essential to visual display, as well as rotating old stock to the front of store shelves when new stock is brought in for replenishment.

The ability to work on oneís feet is by far the greatest necessity for any retail job. As anyone in retail can tell you, there isnít much time for sitting around.


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