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Getting away for a romantic break with a loved one can be a wonderful way to cement a relationship so the big question has to be; just where should you go? As ever, the right answer to this question depends very much upon your own individual tastes and just what it is that you are looking for. Some couples, the ideal break would be some time in a top-class restaurant where they will have plenty of time and privacy together, with romantic candlelit dinners every evening; others can find this very stultifying and would prefer to be part of a crowd during the day doing something active but retiring to the peace and tranquillity of their own accommodation in the evening. The Caribbean has for a long while being the preferred venue for many couples but there are drawbacks; bear in mind there is a long flight to endure and you could arrive frazzled and irritable at some ungodly hour in a hot and humid hotel with poor air conditioning; hardly the right environment for a romantic night of passion! The thought of being alone with one's beloved for a few days can be attractive thought for many people but whilst it is lovely to be alone together for quite long periods enforced proximity for a week or two can get irritating; many women need female company every now and again, and most men can get impatient with feminine chatter over a long period! It is no coincidence that a large number of marriages break up after a long holiday together; very often being in each other's company over a long period can test a relationship to destruction, rather than enhance it, so be realistic about the length of time you would want to spend away from home.

A large number of cruise ships cater very well for romantic breaks, with cruises lasting from as little as two nights right up to world tours of three months or more! Whilst it is not possible to get married on a British registered cruiseship many so called British ships are in fact registered abroad and their captains are licensed to perform marriage ceremonies which are perfectly legal on return to the UK; if you are already married a blessing ceremony can also be carried out on a luxury cruise liner off romantic islands like Barbados or the Seychelles; and unlike the islands themselves the ship's air conditioning system is likely to work effectively, which means that you can enjoy a good nights sleep after your celebrations! Most of cruise lines of packages such as flowers in your cabin or champagne breakfasts as optional extras to those who want to go the extra mile.

If you don't wish to go to the expense of a cruise holiday together you could always hire a cabin from one of the many country resorts such as Center Parcs or the Holiday Lodge Parks; many of these include hot bubs or baths which you can use together in the evenings; the perfect start to an evening of romance!

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